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Emission standards for COD

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COD expressed in mg/L, COD values detected by water quality monitoring instruments, water quality can be divided into five categories, including a class and two types of COD ≤ 15mg / L, basically able to meet the drinking water standards, the value of greater than two types of water can not be used as drinking water, of which three types of COD ≤ 20mg / L, four types of COD ≤ 30mg / L, five types of COD ≤ 40mg / L belongs to the contamination of the water quality, the higher the value of the COD, the more serious the pollution.

Discharge standards for COD content?
Table 1 Surface water environmental quality standards COD standard limits

water category
COD(mg/L) ≤15≤15≤20≤30≤40

Table 2 Maximum Permissible Concentration of Urban Sewage Discharge (Daily Average)

water categoryLevel 1 standardLevel 2 standardLevel 3 standard
Criterion ACriterion B
COD(mg/L) 5060100120