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Buoy water quality monitoring system

Writer: admin Time:2023-12-06 09:05:40 Browse:289℃

Water quality monitoring buoys to buoys as a carrier, integrated chemical analysis instruments and a variety of water quality sensors, and a combination of data monitoring and acquisition, data processing, data wireless remote sending, cell phone APP, computer PC platform and anchor system and other functions integrated into one of the water quality online monitoring equipment, is the realization of the environmental water quality monitoring automation, networking, online monitoring of the effective technical means.

Advantages of water quality monitoring buoys:

1, monitoring environment: according to the local conditions, can directly detect the water depth of the waters you want to measure as well as the water quality requirements, to ensure the real-time and representative of the water samples to be measured.

2、Equipment installation: direct input type installation, anchor system fixed. Buoy system installation does not need to occupy space, reducing the cost of occupying space; all instruments are installed with removable probes, reducing the follow-up maintenance and repair costs.

3, data monitoring: the use of high-precision sensors, real-time monitoring of water body dissolved oxygen, turbidity, pH, conductivity, water temperature and so on. Free to add a combination of monitoring parameters, the follow-up can also expand the parameters;

4, data transmission: water quality online monitoring technology in a very short period of time, the monitoring point of the data collected through GPRS uploaded to the user side, to ensure the timeliness and effectiveness of the data. Compared with the traditional manual sampling monitoring, not only simplifies the cumbersome procedures, but also saves monitoring time.

5、Monitoring and early warning: through the system PC terminal or cell phone APP client, the user can set the safety value domain of the monitored parameters, once the front-end sensors monitor a water quality parameters exceed the safety value domain, the system will send an alarm message to notify the user, so as to deal with the problem in time, to ensure that the monitoring of the water quality of the place is good.

6, data analysis: automatic collection, without manual attention. The system automatically generates data charts, users can visualize the water quality changes. Collected data can be saved, view historical data at any time.