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Integrated seawater desalination plant has been developed successfully

Writer: admin Time:2023-02-07 15:28:50 Browse:298℃

Recently, The R&D team of Ma Jun from CeiBS Membrane Technology Research Institute of Harbin Institute of Technology and Shandong CeiBS Membrane Technology Research Co., Ltd. jointly developed SEM series of skid-mounted water treatment equipment, which is expected to apply desalinated seawater to self-shower facilities in Marine baths and provide technical support for the construction of water-saving society in Weihai city.

The equipment includes integrated seawater desalination plant, integrated domestic sewage treatment plant and decentralized sewage treatment plant, mainly used in the development and utilization of unconventional water resources, deep sewage treatment and reuse, rural sewage treatment and other fields.

The integrated seawater desalination unit USES the pretreatment + high pressure reverse osmosis process to filter the particulate matter, suspended matter and salt in the water, so as to achieve the purpose of seawater desalination.

The equipment has a pre-treatment system and an energy-saving water supply system, which can monitor the water quality remotely. The design of the effluent water quality meets the requirements of the Sanitary Standard for Drinking Water (GB5749-2006), and can be used for drinking water requirements of islands and ships.