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How to use COD sensor

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COD Sensor Wiring Method
Connection method of connecting RS485 to USB connector: the red wire connects the positive terminal of the power supply, the black wire connects the negative terminal of the power supply, the green wire connects the A of the RS485 interface, the white wire connects the B of the RS485 interface.Connect one end of the cable to the 12V power supply and RS485 to USB interface, as shown in the following figure:


COD Sensor Test Steps
Step 1: connect the cable to the sensor, install a protective cover, put it into the solution to be measured, and insert the RS485 to USB connector connected to the sensor cable into the computer;
Step 2: open the SmartPC software on the computer, click “Language” and select “Chinese”, drop down “Port” and select the corresponding COM port, and then click “Connect”, after connecting the sensor successfully, click “Measure”. According to the actual situation (the default value of “Q” is 0.5), modify the value of “Q” through the “Get” and “Set” options. Under the “COD” interface, click “Brush”, and click “Turn On Brush” under the “Wiper” interface to remove the bubbles on the test window. Then click “Start” to get the real-time measurement of the COD, turbidity and temperature.

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