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Drinking Water Source

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Program Overview
Yosemite's multi-parameter water quality monitoring system uses highly integrated technology to achieve multi-parameter automatic water quality monitoring function. Compared with traditional monitoring stations, it eliminates the trouble of acquiring land to build a station, significantly reducing the cost. It is easy to deploy, low maintenance, and suitable for river surface water, lake water sources, sewage discharge, and other fields. Yushan multi-parameter water quality monitoring system consists of a cabinet, a sensor analysis unit, a water extraction unit, data acquisition and processing, a transmission system, an automatic sample retention system and other equipment. Parameters can be selected by the user, and can be connected to the cloud platform to view the water quality monitoring situation in real time.

Features of Multi-parameter Water Quality Monitoring System
Test parameters available: turbidity, residual chlorine, pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen.
7-day and 24-hour all-weather online monitoring.
7" color central control touch screen, large capacity historical data storage.
Programmable turbidity automatic debubbling cleaning system.



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