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Introducing Y4000 Online 5 Parameters Sensor

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The five parameters measured on site in water quality monitoring include temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen (DO), electrical conductivity and turbidity. The five parameters play an important role in water pollution prevention and control in China and are the basic indicators of water quality pollution detection. These indicators can provide an initial understanding of the health of the water body and help determine whether the water quality meets relevant standards and requirements.

Five parameters of conventional water quality


Changes in surface water temperatures can have a significant negative impact on aquatic wildlife, affecting the rate at which organisms grow and fish and shrimp feed, as well as the timing and efficiency of their reproduction.


Every environment has a certain pH, especially the pH in water is extremely important for our health. According to scientific definition, pH is a measure of the charged particles in a substance, indicating the acidity or alkalinity of the substance.


It is mainly to measure the conductivity of water and monitor the total ion concentration in the water body. It contains a variety of chemical substances, heavy metals, impurities and other conductive substances.

Dissolved Oxygen

Dissolved oxygen (DO) refers to the amount of oxygen dissolved in water. The level of dissolved oxygen in water is a crucial indicator of water quality and a key factor in water purification.

The role of dissolved oxygen in water is that the microorganisms in the water need to consume oxygen when they decompose organic matter, and the other is that the respiration of fish and shrimp needs oxygen supply. Artificial oxygen injection is a necessary step in the water environment when nutrients are insufficient. Dissolved oxygen is an important index of surface water monitoring and an indication of whether the water body has the ability of self-purification.


The level of turbidity value directly reflects the turbidity degree of water. The degree of turbidity is mainly caused by insoluble substances in the water, including sediment suspended in the water, corrosive substances, planktic algae and colloidal particles. Reducing turbidity also reduces the bacteria, coliform bacteria, viruses, cryptosporidium, iron, manganese and so on in the water.

Yosemitech Y4000 Online Multi-Parameter Sensor adopts multi-in-one structure design. Each single parameter sensor is an RS485 digital probe that is closely plugged into the parent, and the calibration data is stored in the single parameter sensor, which can be easily calibrated or replaced in the field. The Y4000 Online Multi-Parameter can monitor routine five water quality parameters. In addition, it can also monitor chlorophyll, blue-green algae, oil in water and so on. Up to 6 probes and 7 parameters can be detected in one matrix connection.

Y4000 with a clean brush can effectively clean the measurement end face, scrape out bubbles, prevent microbial attachment, and meet the needs of water environment testing such as sewage treatment, surface water, ocean and groundwater.

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