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Successful Conclusion of YOSEMITECH at the 2024 Shanghai Wie Tec

Writer: admin Time:2024-06-06 16:03:15 Browse:30℃

On June 5, 2024, the 16th Shanghai Wie Tec concluded successfully at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center (Hongqiao). Yosemitech, a leader in the environmental protection industry, actively participated in this event and garnered attention from numerous visitors due to its exceptional product technology and professional services.

 2024 Shang Wie Tec

Yosemitech has established itself as a prominent enterprise in the environmental protection sector through continuous technological innovation and the development of over 40 intellectual property rights. Yosemitech focuses on the advancement of sensors for surface water monitoring, sewage monitoring, groundwater monitoring, and other related fields. The company has received various accolades, including recognition as a high-tech enterprise and a gazelle enterprise, which further showcases their remarkable strength in scientific and technological innovation.


Highlights of the exhibition

Yosemitech attracted a large crowd at the exhibition with their wide range of products, including deep water multi-parameter sensors, portable water quality meters, water purification systems, buoy monitoring systems, and various parameters for surface water monitoring. They also showcased sewage monitoring solutions for parameters like COD, ammonia nitrogen, sludge concentration, and dissolved oxygen. Their impressive performance drew in new and existing customers from around the world, who were eager to watch demonstrations and consult with the knowledgeable Yosemitech team. Their enthusiasm and professionalism shone through as they provided detailed product introductions and answered all visitors' questions, earning wide acclaim.

2024 Shang Wie Tec2024 Shang Wie Tec

Wonderful debut

Yosemitech focuses on serving the laboratory, handheld, and online monitoring markets. The company has recently introduced a range of water quality sensors, including multi-parameter sensors, optical dissolved oxygen sensors, fiber optic turbidity sensors, four-electrode conductivity sensors, blue-green algae sensors, chlorophyll sensors, oil in water sensors, COD sensors, ammonia nitrogen sensors, and transparency sensors.

Meet at in Shenzhen in September

In the future, Yosemitech will stay true to its original goals and continue to make advancements in water quality monitoring. With an open mindset, we will strive to innovate and enhance product quality and technical expertise. We are committed to staying updated with market trends and customer needs, and aim to launch more efficient and eco-friendly products. Yosemitech is dedicated to contributing to the growth of the environmental protection industry.


Although the exhibition has concluded, our enthusiasm continues. We sincerely thank every customer who visited our booth and look forward to seeing you at the next event, the IE expo Shenzhen 2024, in September!