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How Turbidity Sensors Work: A Comprehensive Overview

Writer: admin Time:2024-05-17 14:40:35 Browse:72℃

1. What is turbidity?

Turbidity refers to the degree of obstruction of a solution to the passage of light, which includes the scattering of light by suspended matter and the absorption of light by solute molecules. The turbidity of water depends not only on the amount of suspended substances, but also on their size, shape, and refractive index.


2. Working principle of turbidity sensor

Turbidity is one of the important indicators for evaluating water quality. The turbidity sensor is designed to measure the concentration of suspended particles in water. The turbidity sensor adopts the 90° scattering method measuring principle. When light passes through a body of water containing suspended particles, the particles scatter the light. The sensor then detects the intensity of the scattered light to measure the turbidity of the water.


3. Application of turbidity sensor

Water quality testing

Groundwater testing

Water and wastewater treatments

Effluent and industrial control systems

Food and beverage industry


4. Product advantages

Yosemitech has launched tow type of turbidity sensor: Y510-B Inline Turbidity Sensor and Y511-A Self-cleaning Turbidity Sensor.

Y510-B Inline Turbidity Sensor adopts the 90°scattering method measuring principle, in accordance with the ISO 7027 international standard. This water quality sensor is compact, easy to install, and suitable for outdoor using. It is highly resistant to ambient light interference and demonstrates exceptional repeatability and stability. The main distinction between Y510-B and Y511-A is that the Y511-A turbidity sensor has a cleaning brush. This Y511-A sensor with self-cleaning brush can effectively eliminate the influence of bubbles and contamination on measurements, thereby extending the maintenance cycle.



Turbidity sensors are valuable tools for measuring the cloudiness or haziness of a sample, commonly used to assess water quality in various aquatic environments.


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