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UV254 online COD sensor

Writer: admin Time:2023-12-06 09:17:56 Browse:239℃

UV254 COD sensor requires no reagents, no pollution, more economical and environmentally friendly. Water quality monitoring can be carried out online without interruption. Reduces maintenance workload and improves work reliability. Yushan UV method COD sensor automatically compensates for turbidity interference, with automatic cleaning device, even for long-term monitoring still has excellent stability, especially for the harsh working conditions in the field of sewage treatment.

(1) Low maintenance: no reagents, no pollution, more economical and environmentally friendly; with a self-cleaning brush to prevent biological attachment, maintenance is greatly reduced, saving time and reducing the user's maintenance costs.

(2) No need to calibrate: the probe has been calibrated before leaving the factory, so users do not need to calibrate it when using it, and it can directly measure the concentration of chemical oxygen demand COD.

(3) Convenient integration: RS485 digital interface, support MODBUS protocol, environmentally friendly design, can be easily integrated into the water quality monitoring system to meet customer needs.

(4) Durable: It can still maintain its accuracy in the case of being scratched or partially polluted, and it is easy to clean.

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