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Online turbidity tester

Writer: admin Time:2024-02-02 16:01:06 Browse:111℃

Y510-B/C, Y511-A on-line turbidity sensor use of 90° scattered light measurement principle, in line with the ISO7027 international standard, custom optical devices, small size, easy installation and maintenance, not easy to be affected by ambient light interference, with better repeatability and stability. Y511-A with automatic cleaning brush, can eliminate the impact of bubbles and contamination on measurement, making Longer maintenance cycle,Long-term online use can also maintain excellent stability.

Sensor features:
Digital sensor, RS-485 output, standard Modbus protocol;
90°Scattering light principle, in line with ISO7027 international standards;
Sapphire optical window, customized filters,Not vulnerable to ambient light and chroma interference;
Excellent repeatability and stability.

Y511-A Turbidity Sensor.jpg

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